Turnkey Construction

Cottages on Lake Superior, Sawgrass near Conucopia, WI on Lake Superior's South Shore You may design and build your own home on a Tierra Shores or Sawgrass site.Or, you may wish to minimize stress and inconvenience by choosing our “Turn-Key” building program. Under our turn-key program you select and purchase the site of your choice. You then choose from one of our several popular architecturally designed cottage plans. A construction contract is entered into between you and the Developer, wherein Developer undertakes the total responsibility of building the cottage in accordance with plans and specifications. During the construction process, Buyer involvement is left totally to the discretion of Buyer. Developer will arrange construction financing for buyer if required. Buyer is responsible for end loan financing, although Developer has end loan sources that may be utilized by Buyer . Upon completion of construction, Developer and Buyer conduct an on-site inspection of the cottage and prepare a punch list. Upon completion of the punch list items, the cottage is delivered to Buyer in “white glove” condition, ready for occupancy.

Sawgrass Turnkey Cottages

 Lot 1Lot 2 SpecLot 3All Other Lots
CREEKSIDE A$325,000SOLD!$322,000$312,000
CREEKSIDE B$314,000$311,000$301,000

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